Apple & Pumpkin Picking!

So, to get with the spirit of the Northeast I decided to go apple picking with my Cousin Tere, her Fiance Michael and our dogs Gael and Lenny. It was an awesome experience!

It was my suggestion after Tere said she wanted to go to Bear Mountain and go hiking…..(she should know better!!). I, obviously, went into panic mode decided to get more options of things to do! I suggested apple picking, they loved the idea!!

We found an orchard that allows dogs, so we were even happier!! Pennings Orchard was amazing! I totally recommend it for those of you with four legged children dogs.

We got there and you could pick us out of the crowd! The three Puertoricans with the car packed of snacks and drinks no rum. We really did have a good time and we needed the much needed bonding time as a Fam! Oh! And the apples were delish too!!



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