My First Time

About a month ago, I decided to take a promotion with my Company and move from Miami to New York (not NYC, just NY). Exciting, right? Nope, more like scary as hell! I decided to leave behind everything I knew, my Family and Friends (oh, how I miss them!!!) and the beautiful Miami weather. Crazy right!?

I have been talking about starting a blog for a VERY long time, so I finally decided to go for it. I figured I could share my stories, my wins, my opportunities and everything in between. Let’s say the whole moving process (I NEVER want to move again!!) has been very intense!

From switching moving companies last minute to receiving my things 2 weeks later than I expected to having one of the movers chillin’ in my bed texting……Just too much altogether!

I, then had the (CRAZY) FABULOUS Idea to drive cross country…ALONE. Well, Gael (the dog) was with me….but alone. I can honestly say my one night in South Carolina could not end fast enough. I prayed all night for the sun to rise!!

Listen, I knew I was not going to the City, but I envisioned more of Carrie in the City, but I ended up Carrie in Aidan’s Country house in Suffern, NY (which is like 20 min drive from me….).

I will try to share posts on my new life in Upstate NY (not NYC). This is mostly for me to vent, but feel free to share, comment, give advice and of course have a good laugh.


Thirty something, Fabulous and Shoveling Snow


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