In a Relationship, what is a deal-breaker?

The joy of dating in your 20’s is that you don’t have to ruin the fun thinking about the future. Once you start dating in your 30’s, everything is so serious and you actually have to think about making the “right” choice. You have to make sure you have those deep conversations about kids, religion and finance.

So, I ask what is a deal-breaker?

I have always said I would hold the title of “Coolest Soccer Mom Ever”. I have never questioned my desire to be a mother, I always assumed it would happen when I found the right man.

What if you meet someone who gets your sense of humor, laughs at your jokes even the not so funny ones , makes you feel like you are the only girl in the room when you are together, makes you feel sexy and alive but he never wants to have children. What do you do?

Walking away is easier said than done, you are already hooked in love . I, unfortunately, am not willing to compromise. It breaks my heart, but in a relationship, this is my deal-breaker…


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