Am I allergic to NY?

This year I have been sick so many times it’s crazy! I have never gone to the doctor this much!!!

I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor, I hate hospitals and I always feel like meds mess up my stomach. I absolutely hate blood tests! I went for a blood test about 6 months ago and I passed out…yes…they had to break out the alcohol for me to smell. Needless to say, needles and I don’t get along! 

This year alone I have had the flu, allergies, and now bronchitis. Really? This is crazy! Maybe, just maybe I am allergic to NY! Oh my! 

I hope I’m not because I finally feel like I am settling into life here!!! 

The one thing I miss is Mami’s sopita de pollo o un buen sancocho (Chicken soup or stew), un sobito con alcoholado  y acurrucarme con Mami! (Basically I miss being taken care of by my Mom) The one thing I don’t like is Vicks Vaporub, not for me!! Mami would always try but I would negotiate for Alcoholado instead!!

I will have to make sure to up my vitamin intake…and watch out for this crazy NY weather!!!

Hopefully I get better soon to enjoy the warmer weather!!


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