What a Difference a Year Makes…

Well, well, well…What a Difference a Year Makes!!! At this time last year I was in a sad, dark place after (what at the time felt like) an epic breakup. I have shared about that experience in previous blogs, so I will not bore you with the details. 
It has been a very enlightening journey! I have at least 5 things that I learned throughout this year. And I am finally ready to share them!
1. Forgive– Yes! Forgive, not for them but for you. I had to move on, and allowing myself to forgive was the first step to move on.
2. Social Media– Be careful what you post! With features like “On this day…” On Facebook and an app like Timehop everything will come back to haunt you. Also, I had to delete friends and family. Not because I didn’t want them there, but they were a constant reminder of that person and it was painful. Reliving everything is not fun.
3. Music– Listen to me, you must avoid Adele at all cost! At least until you are strong enough. I avoided it like the plague!!
4. Dating Scene– Start dating when you are ready, not when people think you are ready. That goes for hookups as well. Don’t go crazy! Don’t revenge date. Once you are happy on your own, then go ahead, get crazy!! 
5. Love yourself– This is probably the most important. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Learn to listen to your inner voice. The only person that knows what’s best for you, is you!! Love the Family and Friends that bring joy and happiness to your life. 
These are things I learned, this was MY journey. Still is. I am happy, I am focused on the future and the wonderful things that are right around the corner. I am focused on the positivity in life. Focus on the love. LOVE!

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