Europe in March πŸ’š

My sister and I had the great opportunity to plan and go together to Europe for almost 12 days! It may not seem like a big deal, but working in retail and getting more than a week off is (sadly) almost unheard of!! But we both got our vacation time approved and we were ecstatic!!

We decided to start our trip in Madrid, then head to Paris and finish in Rome. I had really high expectations of this trip since I had not been to Europe in a very long time!!

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid…I fell in love! I absolutely loved Madrid and could move there tomorrow!! I felt so welcomed everywhere we went, never felt like an outsider. And did I mention the gin & tonics?! Keep ’em coming!! If you are in Madrid, you must try!!

Next stop was Paris. Get ready to hate me, I did not looooove Paris. It is the most beautiful city! I loved the sights, but could not quite connect with the City of Lights. We took in the sights and of course the shopping! I got my LV Neverfull here, and as a retailer, I experienced the best customer service EVER! My experience at the store was AMAZING! After, shopping we went to The Eiffel Tower. What an AMAZING view of the city! Also, we got the pass to skip the line and soooo worth the money!!! After two days here we said Au revoir Paris, Ciao Roma!

Rome completely stole my heart ❀️!! Let’s start with the food….everywhere we went we had the most delicious meals! Thankfully my sister is fluent in Italian and I understand most of it, so it was easy to get around. We went to all the classic historical sites, but the Pantheon absolutely was my favorite. I can’t explain it, but the feeling I got when I walked in, the grandiosity of it, took my breath away! Well, and gelato and I became fast friends!! Also, in Rome I probably hit EVERY single pharmacy to buy Beauty products I could leave Europe without. And it was a lot!! I got so many goodies!

I am so excited I got to experience this adventure with my sister, Tenchi, we realized how alike we are and how different we are 😝. We enjoyed ourselves so much we are planning our 2019 trip and have committed to do a trip every year!! Living life to the max! Go ahead and plan, book and go on your next adventure!!

For pics of our trip go checkout my Instagram page: @missyolandavega ADD ME!!


Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 8.08.02 PM

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