37 and happy!

Happy Monday!! This past Saturday was my 37th birthday. When did that happen?!?! Seriously, I don’t feel almost 40…Letting that sink in…ALMOST 40!

I can’t believe how quickly life has passed me by. I feel like I was 25 yesterday! 🤣 It’s crazy!

As reminisce on life, I am not where I thought I would be at 37. In my head I would be married and be a mom, that’s what I thought it SHOULD look like. But I am happy where I am today.

I am a boss, I have a career I am proud of, I am independent and I am surrounded by friends and family that I love. My life is full.

This next year, I want to focus more on me and what makes me happy. I want to continue to grow my career, continue cultivating relationships and find love. I want to find love and start building a family.

Let’s see what’s in store for me!


Yolanda 💚

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