This is 37…

It has for sure NOT been a HotGirl Summer for me. This year has been full of ups and downs so far. Let’s say 37 has been bumpy.

I kicked off the summer with the passing of my beloved, 14 year fur companion, Gael. That was definitely a tough blow, Gael had been with me for a long time and I was not ready. I mean are you ever really ready? No, but I never thought it would hit me this hard.

I worked through that pain. July was CRAZY at work and I could feel myself stretching myself thin. I was working long hours, but they were paying off. We had an AMAZING July in all my Florida stores and everyone made their goal for the year. There were a few hiccups in that journey and my spirit was a bit broken.

I knew I needed to recalibrate and get myself back into a better spot. In order to give people the best of me, I need to give myself the best. Take time out to be with friends & Family. Fill your love tank. It’s not only about treating yourself physically, but emotionally as well. Spending time with family does this for me.

I am spending time with family in Orlando and then heading to Puerto Rico to see Family too. Family, friends and beach time! Can’t wait!

I have walked away from this summer understanding how important it is to take time out for you, take care of you, love you. I am not perfect, and I am definitely not were I want to be, but I am me.

This is me 💚


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